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Anatomy inductions

All staff, academic, technical and casual are required to complete an anatomy induction session before they can enter the anatomy facilities.

Please contact Marcus Robinson to arrange an induction time.


Safety videos

It is mandatory for staff and students to view the general laboratory safety and COVID safety videos before entering the Anderson Stuart teaching spaces.

Dissection opportunities

Students studying anatomy in the Discipline of Anatomy and Histology at The University of Sydney will have the opportunity to dissect the human body at some point during their studies.

Staff portal

The staff portal provides many useful links to University and external sites that contain valuable information that is easily accessible.

Student resources

There are a variety of teaching resources available outside of scheduled class times. The Wilson Museum, Shellshear Museum, bones and models and online teaching resources provide 

Teaching space bookings

To view the availability of wet labs, dry labs and the Vesalian Theatre in the Anderson Stuart Building please visit this page. The google calendars for each group of spaces may be added to your personal calendars to keep this information close at hand using the Google Calendar app.


There are numerous vaccinations that are recommended for all students and staff to have when studying at University. People who also work in healthcare facilities have mandatory vaccinations that are required prior to the commencement of work in these areas.